How to Sit to Reduce Back / Neck Pain


Knowing that all of you sit too much at work and at home, I've found a great article on "How to Sit". Here are the main points:

1) Simply owning an ergonomic chair is not enough to prevent back pain. It is also necessary to adjust the chair to your individual proportions to improve comfort and minimize stress on the back.

2) Adjust the seat height so that your:

  • feet are flat on the floor

  • thighs are horizontal

  • forearms are even with the height of the desk

3) To prevent back pain when sitting, you must not slouch or slump forward. Adjust the seat depth and width so that:

  • You can comfortably sit all the way in the back of the chair with your spine against the back rest.

  • Do not sit at the front edge of chair. This invariably results in back/neck muscle fatigue and slouching.

  • As you sit down, it is most important that you lead with your "rump".

  • Your rear should make contact with the back of the chair before the rest of your spine. Let the back rest work for you to maintain erect posture so you don't have to use your muscles, which is exhausting and ultimately leads to slouching.

4) Stand up and stretch periodically. This gets the blood flowing and reinvigorates static and tired muscles. Muscle strength is necessary for good posture.

If you'd like to read the entire article, visit and read "Office Chair: How to reduce Back Pain?" by John J. Triano, DC, PhD.

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