Active Release Technique (ART)

ART treatment is a hands-on procedure that allows a Chiropractor to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries related to muscle, tendon, fascia, and nerves.

There are many reasons why the musculoskeletal system can be stressed. Specific causes include repetitive strain, trauma due to injury, over exercising, poor posture and general wear and tear. The body’s natural response to this excessive stress is to form scar tissue. Scarring has a detrimental effect, often resulting in joint and muscle pain.  The scarred tissue can no longer contract or stretch like normal tissue and begins to adhere to surrounding muscles and joints.  These adhesions occur as a result of the injuries and are responsible for loss of flexibility and diminished overall performance.

Active Release Techniques are specific treatment methods used to remove these adhesions. In the past, soft tissue care has included prescription drugs, heat, cold, rest and massage. These treatments usually do not effectively solve the problem long term. ART treatment protocols correct these problems by treating the injury at the root cause and are successful at alleviating the problem.